Luc Alphand

Racing car driver & Alpine Skier

Born 6 august 1965 in Briançon (France)
Disciplines: Rally Raid & Endurance Races

Luc AlphandLuc Alphand

Luc's word

I was born in the snow; therefore I started skiing very naturally. Before I started competition, I enjoyed skiing and I loved to have fun. That is the reason why I started to compete pretty late compared to other athletes. It took me some time to be among the best and I am proud to have reached such a level. I decided to retire form ski racing after 15 years while I was at the top (winner of the overall Ski Worldcup). However, the “speed-chromosome” seems to be particularly well implanted in me and I have been very soon seduced by the thrills that I felt on rally competitions to which I had the chance to participate as a guest. In order to begin this new sport, I created the "Luc Alphand Adventure" Team, a structure, which allowed me to finance my first car, practices and races. Then, I officially raced 2 years for Renault followed by 2 seasons for BMW XRaid. Finally I spent 6 years as official pilot for Mitsubishi in Rally Raid until they decided, in 2009, to stop their sports activity. In June 2009, I had a serious motocross crash with vertebrae lesions, which I am progressively recovering from.



Winner of the Rallye Dakar (Afrique) in 2006
2 x winner of the Rallye "Por Las Pampas" (Argentine) in 2006 and 2007
Winner of the Rallye Dubai (Emirats Arabes Units) in 2006
Winner of the overalll Worldcup in 1997
3 x winner of the Alpine Downhill World Cup
1 x winner of the Alpine Super G World Cup
Bronze medalist in Sierra Nevada Alpine Ski World Championships 1996
12 Alpine Ski World Cup victories
9 times French Champion
Member of the French Alpine Ski team until 1997

Personal sponsors

Red Bull
Serre Chevallier
Consultant ski for France Television